Your new BUILT GREEN home

benefits your family & the planet




Affordability is a key benefit of a BUILT GREEN certified home. As your home operates at peak efficiency – energy efficiency, electrical efficiency and water efficiency – you’ll enjoy a reduction in your monthly operating costs, and be able to apply for environmental building rebates.



Some outdated houses have been proven to make their inhabitants sick, with toxic building materials or less-than-ideal air quality and ventilation. A BUILT GREEN home is a healthy home, with excellent indoor air quality and proper ventilation.

Building materials with low or zero VOCs and low or zero formaldehyde reduce toxins in the air. A fresh air filtration system also improves air circulation while removing allergens. Many people have found an improvement in their asthma, allergies and general health after living in a BUILT GREEN home.



With a BUILT GREEN home you’ll have few drafts and cold spots, and the temperature will be much more even from room to room thanks to the home’s air tightness and ventilation system.

You’ll also find your home is less dusty as the ventilation system filters air particles like dust, so you can feel comfortable breathing clean air and spend less time dusting.



Building materials in a BUILT GREEN home are also chosen for their durability, because long-lasting products require less frequent replacement, which lowers their environmental impact.

Not only are the materials durable, the entire home will be viable for at least 100 years, and require less renovation over the years. Renovation generates waste and consumes energy, so a durable home is a green home.

The durability of your home not only helps the environment, it also means you’ll spend less money on your home over the years. From warp-resistant lumber to 30 year shingles, we use durable products for a durable build.


Environmental Peace of Mind

While the above-mentioned benefits of a BUILT GREEN home are very tangible, the less concrete environmental benefit, and peace-of-mind that comes with it, are critical factors.

Your home is a part of its surrounding environment, and should be co-existing in harmony with it rather than causing unnecessary harm. With a BUILT GREEN home you can take comfort in knowing that your home is environmentally friendly.