The Team

Great People, Great Value

By hiring and managing the best sub-trades, we achieve top quality. Because we don’t earn more or less through the sub-trades, we can focus on the work and control the prices for you. Our goal is to provide great people at great value.

Over the years, a select group of tradesmen have been chosen based on our criteria, and our completed homes are evidence of these excellent standards.

The Arbutus Point Difference

Integrity and Value

Jamieson Merritt (Principal of Arbutus Point Developments) knows that the relationship between the homeowner and the builder is critical for the long term success of the project.

That’s why Arbutus Point has chosen a business model that aligns the interests of the homeowner with that of the builder.  By providing the materials and sub-trade contracts at their actual cost, outsourcing all major labour requirements and monthly disclosure of the actual material and supplier invoices, potential conflict of interest situations are minimized. With this approach, the integrity of the builder/client relationship is far easier to maintain and every dollar spent by the homeowner goes directly into the value of their home.

Finances & Scheduling

The “Open Book” Approach

Clients of Arbutus Point Developments are partners in our Open Book management method. You will be informed on a monthly basis of the value of the material costs, all sub-trade draws (along with their invoices) and management fees.

You’ll also get monthly updates of the budget and schedule, which tracks the actual versus the original projections.

We’ll set up an individual business bank account for your project and then give you a monthly statement with an explanation of every debit and credit for this account – an open book. This allows you to see with clarity where your money is being spent – accurate down to the penny!

If variances arise along the way, we inform you, explain the reasons and gain permission prior to proceeding. The goal is to be true to the original quote and timeline, and we pride ourselves in our success rate.

Meetings & Discussions

Continual Communication and Monthly Check-Ins

While naturally there are regular communications between us as builder and homeowner, we will also schedule a meeting each month. This is an opportunity to review trade invoices, requested changes, timelines, budget considerations and other details. This scheduled meeting provides more of an overall perspective and accountability above the daily conversations and email.